Mallorca - the pearl of the Balearic Islands

Majorca is the largest Balearic Island in Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. This unique island with great temperament hides many surprises. Surprising variety of landscapes. To the west is dominated by rocky coastline and the peaks reaching over 1,000 meters above the sea level. In the east, the peace and tranquility beckon beautiful beaches hidden in picturesque coves and enticing its mysterious caves.

You can find the dream of a perfect vacation. The crystal clear sea, bay penetrating inland, openness and hospitality of the local people are connected with an excellent standard of tourist services. More than three hundred days of sunshine a year, exotic palm trees, olive groves and oranges picked straight from the tree.


    The islands are located in the Western part of the Mediterranean and involve around 200 islands, including 5 major ones: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera. Warm, Mediterranean climate with the temperature going above 30 degrees in the summer and a wide variety of attractions make the islands destination for ca. 5 millions of tourists every year. Majorca is the most popular and exclusive island with many health resorts. Minorca, which lies away from the most frequented routes, is ideal for these looking for calm. Ibiza is an European capital of partying.


    This is a must-be. Palma de Mallorca – the capital of the island with an old town and La Seu cathedral with a dazzling interior and stained-glass windows made by Antonio Gaudi himself. It is also good to visit Es Balluard – museum of modern art housing, among other, works by Picasso. On the hills you can see impressive Bellver castle which used to be a prison and where now museum of the city history is located.


    Cala d'Or, meaning golden bay, is a small and idyllic resort, located in the South-eastern part of the island, 45 minutes from Palma. It got the name of an exclusive resort with low, white buildings in the Moorish style. It has 8 beautiful bays and sandy beaches: Cala d'Or, Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Mondrago and Cala Samador. Modern port where only luxury boats and yachts stop is surrounded by a belt of restaurants, where you can try local cuisine staying on the fresh air. It is ideal for fans of water and motor sports, windsurfing, sailing, and diving.


    In a varied local cuisine everybody can find something for him- or herself: vegetarians, meat lovers, fans of fish and seafood. Local tapas are worth trying, along cinnamon delicacy Ensaimada or almond cakes Gatos de Mallorca. Majorca is famous for its wines, especially form vineries: Porres, Algaida and Manacor, and other alcohols, like semi-dry herbs liqueur with aniseed – Tunel de Mallorca, and sweet almond liqueur. Orange trees, figs, olives and vines are planted here. In January and February almond trees blossom (reportedly, there are 4 millions of them there), in the Spring – cherries, and in the Autumn there is a bustling olives and grapes picking.


    Majorca is famous for its bustling towns and ostentatious feasts and festivals, frequently with colourful street parades. Once a year there is Sa Rua, carnival party in Palma de Mallorca, and Semana Santa – the Holy Week. In January there is a feast of saint Sebastian, patron of the island, and in April – regatta for the Duchess Sophia Trophy. In August you can join Chopin Festival in Valldemossie, and in the end of September the grapes picking begins. There is plenty to do during nights as well. Places widely considered to be the most famous ones for parties are: Palma de Mallorca, Playa de Palma or Arsenal.


    Along the North-western coast there is a 50 km long mountain range called Sierra de Tramuntana, especially attractive for fans of mountain biking. The highest peak is Puig Maior, 1445 m above the sea level. The breathtaking view is on the limestones going down to the azure water, and the small villages that can be seen down in the valleys, and which are surrounded by almond, olive and orange trees. Worthy of a visit is a 15 kilometres long road, full of hairpin bends, going to beautiful Sa Calobre bay and giant, 8 kilometres long ravine Torrent de Pareis.


    The most important ones are Dragon Caves, which go 2.4 kilometres deep and which have up to 25 meters in height. Inside there is located Martel Lake, the biggest underground lake in the World, where classical music concerts take place. Soller and Valldemossa, where his holiday spent Frederic Chopin, are widely considered to be the most beautiful ones. In one of the biggest aquarium in the World, Palma Aquarium, you can swim with sharks and see more than 8000 species of sea animals. Marineland Mallorca, in turn, is a dolphinarium organised as a sea amusement park.


One of the warmest places in Europe


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